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Plaques and Awards

These plaques are awarded to individuals for their efforts and contributions to our efforts to re-open the Melkonian Education Institute.

Date: Oct, 2010
Recipient: Zohrab Shamassian
Picture: Mr. Zohrab Shamaisn receives "Man of the Year Award" that he received during the 2011 Melkonian Alumni & Friends Dinner Dance Banquet. An appreciation plaque is presended by Raffi Zinzalian President Melkonian Alumni and Friends and Lara Kayayan - Attorney at Law, legal co-ordinator of Melkonian Alumni and Friends.

Date: May, 2010
Recipient: Dickran Missirian
Picture: Mr. Dickran Missirian receives an appreciation plaque from Raffi Zinzalian President Melkonian Alumni and Friends.

Date: February, 2009
Recipient: Arden Sellefyan
Picture: Mr. Arden Sellefyan receives a plaque from Raffi Zinzalian President Melkonian Alumni and Friends  and Zohrab Shamassian worldwide alumni coordinator

Date: February, 2009
Recipient: Taline Ouzounian-Avakian
Picture: Ms. Taline Ouzounian-Avakian receives a plaque from Raffi Zinzlian President Melkonian Alumni and Friends

Date: November 10, 2006
Recipient: Mego Godjamanian
Picture: Vice President Mr. Mego Godjamanian receives a plaque from Raffi Zinzalian Chairman of Melkonian Alumni and Friends

Date: June 13, 2004
Recipient: Jirair Magarian
Picture: Jirair Magarian receives a plaque from Garo Kassabian (black suite) Chairman of AGBU-California Melkonian Alumni